Hey y’all!

I’m proud to present the album cover and track list of my new album ‘#Dutchboy’. The album will be released on October 13th and will be available for pre-order on iTunes etc this coming friday, the day the new single ‘Show Me What You Got’ drops.

Mark Blomsteel – #Dutchboy:

  1. The Best Seat In The House
  2. Crazy Come Crazy Go
  3. Show Me What You Got
  4. Caught In A Storm
  5. Lived and Gone To Heaven
  6. Could This Be Love
  7. Contagious
  8. Saturday Night
  9. Don’t Make Her Cry
  10. Two Story House
  11. She’s Killing It
  12. Bumper Sticker
  13. Guns or Roses (with Kristi Warner)