Wow! What a tour! and it’s sad that it’s over but I’m also glad to be back home in the USA. Just in time for Christmas! This update took a little longer because I got sick towards the end of the tour and just started to feel a little better today. BTW the weather is crazy here! People are walking around in t-shirts in the middle of December!

Anyway let’s talk about the amazing fun last two gigs of the tour. At Dolhuis in Dordrecht I think we played our best show of the tour with an amazing crowd which also included some of my cousins and aunts and uncles which was a pleasant surprise! I could have played on for hours and hours there!

Picture by Danny van der Weck –

On friday night was out gig at Radio Veronica’s Countdown Cafe with Kees Baars and Dennis Hoebee! You guys Rock! The whole band played and video footage should be available soon!

I wanna thank everyone involved in the tour and especially all the amazing band members: Jan van Bijnen, Evelien Keesmaat, Danou Possel, Maarten Augustijn, both drummers Arie Verhaar and Jan Pohl and of course my versatile long time friend Tom Ensink.

Merry Christmas everybody!